Soaking Grace

The rain has drenched the ground.  The water is coming up from the ground.  The water is just standing everywhere.  The school program was even canceled for the evening.  So often that is what we need.  We need a saturating soak of grace that seeps into us and fills us up to the point that we cannot hold anymore.  Instead we are taking small dips into the waters of grace.  We get in and we get out before we are really changed.  Maybe we get nervous.  Maybe we get worried.  After all, we might not like the changes that happen.  We know what we are now.  It may not be great, but it is predictable.  Predictability is not what we are called to do.  With all this rain, Noah comes to my mind. Noah had to do a new thing at a time when everyone else was saying what could not be done.  They thought he was crazy, but he is the one who was ready when the rains came.  God called Noah to do a new thing.  Noah trusted God.   Noah allowed God’s grace to fill him up. Are you allowing God’s grace to penetrate your life?  If God’s grace is penetrating your life, then God is calling you to change.  Maybe God is calling to change something about yourself, but God may be calling you to change something about the world around you.  Get soaked in grace.  Change the world.

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