Pray for Japan and Chicken Swaps

Piers Morgan used the work “apocalyptic” in talking about the devastation of Japan. He also used the word “miraculous”.  What if faith and calling on God happened more often?  In times of disaster, devastation and pain, we call on God.  What if we were more able and willing to acknowledge God in the ordinary moments?  How would our lives be different?

The people of Japan certainly need our prayers and our support.  Many of us will tune in to news reports more frequently today to hear about the recovery, the nuclear reactor, and the unfolding understanding of what has happened.  We are paying attention.  What else and who else do we need to pay attention to during this day?  What ordinary things are happening in and around you that you will be praying for?  While there may not be anything apocalyptic happening in your community today, there are things for which we need to pray.  I know that I am praying for PBR bull riders and fighters, and the chicken swap happening today.

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