The World is Rockin’

The Earth has tilted.  And not in a good way. According to a variety of news sources, the earth’s axis shifted as a result of the earthquake in Japan. Yet, sometimes we want our world to be shaken, according to the Brooks and Dunn song, “Rock My World”.  The truth is that we all crave some excitement, something more to our lives, but we only want the change on our terms.  We want to decide what change happens.  We want to be in control.

We are rarely in control.  Earthquakes happen.  People may or may not pull us out of our complacency.  The perfect job sometimes comes.  Sometimes we don’t get the perfect job.   Rarely does everything turn out the way we planned.  The one constant is God.  In the midst of tilting and rocking, God is still God.  God still hears us and provides stability that nothing, not even the Earth itself, can provide. No matter if your world is changing for the better or worse, hold onto the One who is constant.



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