When we think about habits we usually think about the habits we want to break: smoking; overeating; chewing our finger nails.  However, habits are not all bad.  Habits are just the things we do.  A habit is defined as:

an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.  

Are there habits you wish you had?  Such as walking, praying daily, reading scripture, cleaning out the refrigerator on a more regular basis, planning for the week ahead, or buying birthday cards well in advance?  Often we say that we wish to do something, or we tell ourselves that we need to do something.  However, we never actually get around to doing it.  In order to develop a habit, you just have to keep doing something until you no longer think about doing it.  For example, praying every morning is a habit.  Some mornings we don’t feel like communicating with anyone, including God.  We just have to start the conversation.  The prayer may be, “Lord, I don’t feel like praying. . . “  It is not our style or finesse, but it is the regular execution that makes it a habit.
We are in Lent and on the verge of spring.  This is a great time to decide to pick up a new habit in our spiritual lives.  It may be praying.  It may be a daily devotional.  It may be scripture reading.  It may be fasting once a week.  Whatever spiritual habit we choose to take up, the important thing is that we keep doing it.  It may not be the best prayer.  The daily devotional may not have our complete attention.  We may complain bitterly while fasting.  In order to develop a habit we need to just keep doing the same thing routinely until we don’t think about it.  So, what are your spiritual disciplines?  What spiritual habits are you trying to adopt?  I would love to hear about your spiritual habits.



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