Unsensible Shoes

Most of the time, I wear ordinary shoes.  I suspect that most of us wear ordinary and practical shoes most of the time.  Men have very little choice, although I have seen some very stylish shoes on men on occasion along with the often impressive cowboy boots.  We women have a lot more options.  Most of us consider comfort and practicality.  Sometimes, though, I like wearing unsensible shoes.  These are shoes that are not as sensible as they could be.  They may have too high a heel to be sensible.  They may be of a more fragile fabric, like a cloth shoe.  They may have way more color or beading or ornamentation than necessary.  Impractical shoes.  I like them.  They sometimes make me taller, but they always remind me that I am special.  I am a unique creation of God.  So are you.  We are all unique creations, formed in the image of God.  When you are feeling down about life, the size of your feet, or anything else, remember that you are made in the image of God. You can do things you never dreamed possible because God is with you.  Wear shoes that are impractical and know that God declared the creation of humanity very good in the beginning (Genesis 1:31)


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