Brushing and Praying


It is recommended that we brush our teeth for two minutes twice a day, which equals four minutes daily.  In a year, we spend over an entire day (24 hours) brushing our teeth.  Most of us could think of a lot of things to do in that day besides brushing our teeth.  Yet, we continue to brush because it is necessary to take care of our bodies.  We know that poor dental hygiene leads to painful dental and periodontal problems.  We know that any of those serious dental problems are often painful and expensive to fix.  More than the problems and the expense, we brush our teeth because we feel an obligation to take care of our bodies.  Do we feel the same obligation to our spirits?  After all, we are all body, mind, heart, and spirit.  What do we do to take care of our spirits?  What do you do for your spiritual care? May I suggest that as you are brushing your teeth, you pray?  As you stand at your bathroom sink, give thanks to God.  Praise God for everything and anything you think about each brushing.  In the mornings, I am often grateful for waking up, especially if I am on time and feeling good. At night, I am often asking forgiveness for what I have done or not done during the course of the day.  So, make it a habit to brush your teeth and talk to God.

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