Public Displays

Where are scripture, faith, and God intersecting with your life? Some of us find that we try to keep our spiritual lives and our dealings with God in a very neat and tidy box. We have an hour or two on Sunday. Maybe we will give our spiritual lives a little private attention during the week, but it is only private. The spiritual side of us is isolated from the rest of our lives for a variety of reasons. We are afraid that we might be considered a religious fanatic. We want to get along with everyone else, and we don’t think that they will understand or treat us the same if we show our true selves. I think Nicodemus was like that. (Check out his encounter with Jesus in John 3:1-17.) John says that he came to Jesus at night. He did not want to risk his reputation, his prestige, his everything to consult with Jesus, so he slips in to see Jesus in the dark of night. It is like the kids who sneak out of their parents’ houses at night. If you are sneaking out, you probably should not be doing what you are going to be doing or going where you are going. This is how we sometimes try to live our own spiritual lives. Our spiritual life, however, should be so integrated in our whole lives that it is a part of everything we do. The owners of the west coast burger chain In-N-Out have never made a public statement about their beliefs or values to share scripture. But, a variety of their paper products have scripture verses on them. This is a very public display of their spiritual life. How is your spiritual life displayed in public? How can you more fully put your faith on display?


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