Imperfection is Expected

I imagine if someone studied the psychological make-up of bull riders, he or she would find an interesting mix. The bull rider has to have enough ego or lack of fear to be willing to get on a bull. The bull rider also has to accept being bucked off on a regular basis. In front of a crowd, sometimes even a television crowd and internet viewers, the bull rider gets on the bull. The objective is to stay on the bull for 8 seconds. At present, the top 10 riders are all not riding even at 50%. Some are just at 50% and some are above. It seems that 75% at the end of the season would be considered an outstanding season. So, if a rider rides 4 bulls in a competition, then that rider is going to actually complete 2 or 3 rides. He is going to have an incomplete on at least 1 ride.

The bull rider then has to get up, dust himself off, and try again. Not completing a task so many times in such a public display would be hard for a lot of us. We want to pretend that we are perfect. We want to hide our shortcomings or the incomplete things in our own lives. We berate ourselves if we miss a deadline, forget to return a phone call, treat someone unkindly, or lose control of our tempers. Instead of beating ourselves up, maybe we need to practice more self-forgiveness. We all make mistakes. We all have incompletes, even if it has nothing to do with riding a bull.


So, let’s do our best. Let us shoot for perfection. Let’s accept that we are going to make mistakes. When the mistakes happens, make corrections or apologies if appropriate, then move on to the next round. Life is precious and much to short for us to beat ourselves up over the mistakes. Just like the bull riders, there is always another round coming up.


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