It is All Connected

A friend recently posted a link to the following article on Facebook: Stress and Other Causes of Obesity. The article tells something that most of us have probably suspected for a long time, if not known for a fact. Stress and obesity are linked. I doubt this is a surprise to anyone, but if you want the scientific explanation, please be sure to check out the article.

We hear about this internal connection in the Bible. It first appears in the Old Testament, Deuteronomy 6:5 , but then Jesus quotes this Old Testament passage in several places including Mark 12:28-34. Jesus knew as well as the Israelites, that each person is interconnected. We may talk about ourselves in disconnected ways, but we are interconnected within ourselves. The things that are going on with our body affect our mind. The things in our spirit affect our mind. It is all connected. For example, when our spirits are at joyful, then many of us can do much more exercise than if our spirits our downcast. When we feel physically good, then we can see all sorts of possibilities.

Yet when things start becoming difficult in one area, we often neglect others areas of our lives. When we become stressed over things at work, we stop praying because there are just too many things to think about. When we are physically unwell, then everything just seems to bother us more. (I am sure that my family, myself included, are not the only people who list crankiness as a symptom of sinus issues.)

The goal for us then becomes to lead balanced lives especially when things are difficult in one area of our lives. Pray even when things are stressful. Exercise even if you are sad. Get adequate rest even though your mind is still racing around about the incident that happened after you got home this evening. There will always be challenges and struggles in our lives. The thing we must learn is to take care of our whole selves all of the time. This balance allows us to be better in heart, mind, body, and soul. Consider your care for each of these parts of you and do something to nurture each part of you. It is when you recognize yourself as a whole person that you can best live your life.


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