Slump = Opportunity

Every bull rider gets into a slump at some time.  I am fairly new to the sport of bull riding, but one of the commentators made the previous statement.  The commentator is not just a commentator, but he is also a world champion bull rider, Ty Murray.  In other sports, we hear about personal slumps as well, including golf and baseball. It happens in all of life as well.  There are times when we feel that everything is going our way, but there are other times when everything seems to be going wrong.  It seems that nothing is working in our relationships, jobs, homes.  We are somehow less than we usually are.  It is more than just a bad day.  It is an on-going problem.  It is weeks of confrontations, arguments, illness, car trouble, financial downturns, and anything else we can imagine. 
I don’t know what athletes do during these slump times, but I know that for many of us we just have to keep going.  Often there is nothing we can do to prevent or circumvent the slumps in our lives.  However, we do have a choice in how we look at these times.  Often people have said that it was in the lowest points of their lives that they grew the most in their faith.  Instead of seeing downtimes or slumps as something to bear, we can see it as a learning time, as a time of growing spiritually. Maybe these are the times when we learn to trust in God and those God puts into our lives.
In one particularly difficult time, a huge slump, I was feeling down about most everything.  A friend sent a card.  In the card, she wrote that she believed God was preparing me for something, and that was the purpose of the down times.  I believe she was correct, and I was able to come through the difficulties and experience greater blessings than I could have imagined.  I believe that God has great blessings in store for all of us, and we don’t always understand the blessings.  The slump of today is temporary.  God is forever.  Know that slumps are times of growing closer to God.


One thought on “Slump = Opportunity

  1. Thank you for your daily, inspirational messages, Pastor Sandi. You and your words always provide clarity to life’s ongoing challenges.

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