Sunday Love

Etta James evokes our deep desire of being loved completely and unconditionally. All of us desire connections to other people. We all need to know that we are wanted, with our dreams, schemes, fears, and ambitions, for no other reason than we are who we are.

While we all know this desire, how do we help other people feel this acceptance and love? All too often we get so wrapped up in ourselves, our lives, our needs, and our wants that we miss the opportunity to love others. We miss the opportunity to allow others to experience a Sunday Kind of Love. Maybe if we took more time to love others as they are, then our hurts and troubles would not seem as large. Let us offer to others a Sunday Kind of Love, which is a true connection and love of another person just the way they are.

Let us love others as we are loved by God. Instead of criticisms and judgment, let us try to offer encouragement and support. Instead of censure and ridicule, let us offer compliments and hope. Maybe in our offerings we will find that we are also more completely accepted.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Love

  1. I heard a story of a man who helped a pathetic girl at a train station. It seemed she was selling apples there in a desperate effort to survive. Someone knocked into her and all the apples went sprawling. This one man noticed, had compassion and helped her pick them up handing her some money to cover the cost of what was lost. She asked him with all seriousness, “Are you Jesus?”

  2. It would be wonderful to feel That Sunday Kind Of Love. To not be judged and to just be accented for who you are. There are not to many people out in this world who don’t judge you or just don’t talk to you because maybe they think they are smarter then you are or better because of what they have. Just to be accepted would be a wonderful thing.

  3. It would be so wonderful to feel that Sunday Kind Of Love. To not be judged for who you are, what you do or what you have. To just be loved for yourself, and to be respected for doing the best that you can. That Sunday Kind Of Love is the Love that I think alot of people could learn from and we all need to apply it to all of our lives. I myself could use some of that Love. I also need to give some of that Love.

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