Beyond Words

The transfiguration of Jesus is an experience that challenges us. In this experience something happens beyond words.

This text, found in Matthew 17:1-9, this moment in time is written in words, but it is one of those experiences where you probably had to be there.

You know that feeling you get when something is altered in a room, but you cannot quite figure out what is going on? There are a group of people. You walk in, and you just know something is going on. You can intuitively sense something. There are no facts or rational explanations, but you know there is something. Sometimes you ask, sometimes you just figure that it is none of your business, but you know things are different.

Having these uncontained and unexplainable experiences is acceptable and even encouraged. It is in these mystical experiences that we experience the richness and depth of life. Most of us spend our lives in the threads of the logical and rational. We deal in what makes sense and what is reasonable. But all of our reasonableness is woven together by the experiences that are beyond words.

Live beyond the words. Love more fully – no matter how nonsensical it seems. Have mystical experiences.
God is with you even beyond words.


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