Truth in Everything

Most sports involve some trash talking or some kind of intimidation factor.  I have even been known to encourage my elementary school aged daughter, who is very tall, to “get in the face” of other basketball players.  What about truth talking?  In PBR, Professional Bull Riding, there is a Truth Booth.  This means that the riders are invited to sit down and comment on their own ride.  Sometimes the ride is good. Sometimes the ride is not good.  The rider watches, and he analyzes his ride.  There are often questions asked of the rider as he sits in the truth booth.
March 19, 2011, saw several riders sharing in the truth booth.  The majority of the riders in the video did not have a great night.  They had to talk about rides where they had not done well.  Brendon Clark had to face the truth of being cut from the Built Ford Tough Series (the major leagues of PBR bull riding), and going down to the Touring Division (the minor leagues). J.B. Mauney, the last rider filmed, had his first truth booth experience.  He had gotten bucked off.  Off camera, someone asks why he had not been in the truth booth previously.  He said he did not like being bucked off, and he “dang sure didn’t like talking about it.
We know that feeling.  We don’t want to face when we let ourselves or others down.  When we make a mistake, an error in judgment, hurt another person, or anything else, we often want to just pretend that the incident never happened.  We just want to move on to the next thing, the next event, the next opportunity to do things correctly.  The truth is that we have to have our own reckoning time.  We have to face the times when we let ourselves, others, or even God down.  We have to acknowledge our mistakes, missteps, and mishaps.  It is only when we are able to face the truth that we can learn and truly move forward.  If we never acknowledge the shortcomings, then how can there be any resolution?
Do your own truth booth.  Take time to acknowledge to yourself, and those who may have been hurt by you, when you have let them down.  Confront your mistakes.  Ask forgiveness when it is needed.  Learn from your mistakes so that you can indeed move forward. 


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