Cowboy Boots

Recently I had a conversation with a friend. The conversation drifted to shoes. We moved on to talking about cowboy boots. I want a pair. I imagine that there are a lot of people who own cowboy or cowgirl boots (including my friend), but I don’t. For many people, wearing cowboy boots is practical. Cowboy boots are worn by cowboys, including bull riders. I don’t ride. I still want cowboy boots. Cowboy boots are an outward sign of a spirit. It is the spirit that led pioneer men and women to the western frontier. They represent the ideal of doing the right thing and never letting the challenges of life get in the way.

Wearing cowboy boots reminds us that we can move forward to new adventures. We can handle the things that come along in this life. We can do all of this and still stay true to what we believe is right. In order to do the new thing, face the obstacles, and maintain our moral compass, we need help. We cannot do it alone. We, by ourselves, don’t dream big enough dreams. If we do dream, we can be overcome by trials and adversities. In a world with many divergent opinions about what is the right thing to do, it is easy to get our thinking turned around. We need to stick close to God who will give us the larger vision of something we have never even imagined. We need to stick close to God for reassurance and encouragement when times get hard. We need to stick close to God so that we can trust God’s guidance in our lives. So, wear cowboy or cowgirl boots. Let them be a reminder of the limitless possibilities for us when we stick with God. Also, let me know if you hear of a good sale!


8 thoughts on “Cowboy Boots

  1. I must say that I love my one and only pair of boots. I need to get more of them. What I noticed about wearing them is that I stand taller, and walk prouder when they are on my feet! DSA

  2. I got my boots as a gift from my sister for my 40th birthday. They were a HUGE surprise and something I would never have purchased for myself. I turned 40 a month ago. I have not taken my boots off. Ok, well, I wear them everyday. If I can be so crass, they make me feel like I can kick arse. They make me feel ready to take charge, move ahead, do the hard work and take some names. I like that you remind me that when I’m doing all thing smackdown, God has gone before me, God is right here with me. He is the one who called me to do the work I’m doing. Thanks.

  3. I was wondering where you found the image of the boots above….I was wondering if there is a way that I could buy this image if it is yours, or if you could tell me where you found it.

  4. I love the blue and white knee high cowboy boots in the picture. Does anyone know where I could buy these exact boots?? Thank you. I would like them for a wedding 🙂

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