Pole as Praise?

Happened to have on the local news the other day.  Apparently, there is a new exercise class in Texas.  The class has Christian music.  The class also is a pole dancing class.  Obviously, pole dancing was created in strip clubs.  It is highly provocative.  Even when demonstrating the class, the instructors are wearing high heels, shorts and tank tops.  The clothes look like normal workout attire, but the outfit sends a very different message when the stiletto heels are added.
This would not be the first time that Christians have used something that was considered secular.  Christians throughout history have taken secular and even pagan events and items and transformed them into something for their own uses.  I am all for using things that are secular to help strengthen the kingdom of God, but I have to wonder if this is taking things too far.  In a day and age when we seek to make everything sexy, do we really need a Pole Dancing for Jesus class?  There are lots of ways to exercise that use music and movement to get heart rates up.  I attend a Zumba class in a local church, but at what point do we as Christians say, “No!”  At what point do we acknowledge that we are different from the world?
Yes, sex or references to sex are everywhere in our society.  Many of us have become accustomed to “sexy” being a normative adjective for just about everything.  If you watch fashion shows, the discussion is about being sexy.  There is a home buying show called “Property Virgins”.  Clothing for young girls is often suggestive.  The idea of sexiness is all around us.  Yet, we are called to live as spiritual beings and not of the flesh.   Many of the references to sex and sexiness seem to seek out our basic desires and drives.  Is that a good thing?
I’d love to hear your thoughts.  For me, I think this is over the line.  While I agree with exercise, I think a class that is less connected to a way of demeaning women is a much better choice.  I’ll be in my Zumba class in my Nikes.


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