Picture on the Frig

As children, we are far more fearless than we are as adults.  Somehow as adults,
we get more concerned about peer review.  What will they think of what I am doing or what I have done?  As children, many of us rush home with our creations, ready to have them proudly displayed on our family refrigerator.  As adults, it is different.  Recently, I attended my first painting class ever.  When I brought home my painting, I did not want anyone to see it.  Later, when I used the painting as a sermon illustration, I was anxious to show folks.
My anxiety is not unique.  We often worry about what will happen when we take risks.  We worry about how others will react.  We all want to be praised and have our gifts celebrated.  We want someone to tell us, “Good job!”   In order to experience that praise, we need to do something.  We need to be willing to take the risks, so that others are able to celebrate us.  For me, this meant showing my painting to not only my family, but everyone who was at Palmyra UMC.  It was scary, but the only way to experience the positive reinforcement is to take the chance.  Take a chance to do a new thing.  You may just find the joy that comes from having your picture mounted on the refrigerator.


2 thoughts on “Picture on the Frig

  1. I am so glad I came over here today and read that very first post. I have experienced that same anxiety since deciding to write my book. It’s very scary. It’s also totally awesome to find that your words, or thoughts, or painting resonate with others. In a way it’s very mentally affirming: you realize you are not the only who sees the world askew. And of course, it feels great. Lovely.

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