Locked In

A friend is retiring soon. He is not excited. He is leaving behind his military career and headed into the unknown. He does not have a job locked in. He is probably more than a little unsure about what a non-military life looks like. How is it out there? He is going to find out in ten days. While we may not know what it is to transition from military to non-military career, we do not what it is to be anxious about our next steps. We’ve all had the uncertainty of not know what we were walking into. It happens in major life transitions like graduations and career changes, but it also happens at other times. When we dare to do something different, we do not know what the result will be. When we try a new thing, join a church, attend a committee’s first meeting,

Yet, God calls us to step out trusting that God will be with us. As we step out in faith, we trust not in ourselves, but we trust in the presence of God. We trust that God has already gone ahead of us to prepare that next step for us. God has made a way for us, even though we cannot see the next step. It may be stressful to consider major life transitions, but we are not going alone. So go forward. Trust God to be with you. Trust God to be ahead of you to prepare the next step on your journey, no matter where the next step takes you. You may not have the next step locked in, but God does.


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