Those people

In the gospel of John, John 4:5-42, Jesus goes to an unusual place, Samaria, and he meets an unusual woman.  She is a Samaritan, and she is judged by others.  There must be a lot of things in her life, because she goes to the well in the middle of day to avoid the other women of the village.  While trying to avoid the other women, she meets Jesus.  He asks nothing of her, and offers to give her living water.  Jesus went to one of the places that was usually avoided and talked with a person who was usually avoided.  Instead of feeling awkward, Jesus offers to quench the woman’s thirst.  He offers to give her eternal life.
What about us?  When do we purposefully engage others so that we might offer to them the life giving presence of God?  Most of the time, we avoid those people and places that are not comfortable or acceptable to our own social group.  We don’t associate with those who are different, especially if we deem them less than us.  Maybe it is time for us to seek out new relationships.  Maybe we should be making friends with those who are different.  In those new relationships, we may find that we learn about ourselves as well as God’s grace.

Take a look at this video on You Tube as you consider were you might meet and build relationship with those people who are different.


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