Be Ready

Easy Does Itphoto © 2009 Emilio Labrador | more info (via: Wylio)
PBR teaches a lot about life. PBR teaches a lot about life. PBR stands for Professional Bull Riders. It is often aired on Saturday and Sunday nights. This past weekend I learned about being prepared. Paulo Lima is a bull rider, and he was preparing to ride. Preparing to ride means sitting on the bull in the chute and putting the bull rope on the bull and you. The bull rope is a rope that wraps around the bull and is how the rider holds onto the bull. The bull was fidgety, and it was hard to get situated. The judge warned Paulo that he needed to hurry up and ride. After several warnings, he was disqualified. Some believe that spending too much time in the chutes puts stress on the bull.

I’ve never ridden a bull, so I am not really sure what that experience is like. I do know what it is to miss an opportunity. All of us probably do. I know that I have sometimes spent too much time considering my options instead of taking action, and the opportunity was lost. I know that I have let my fears or inhibitions keep me from great possibilities. I know that there have been times when I could have dared, but I did not. I missed opportunities to live more fully, to take a chance, and to, perhaps, change the world.

Let’s be brave together. Let’s not miss the opportunity to seize the moment for all that life has to offer. We may not get another chance. Go ahead, tell them that you appreciate them. Speak to the stranger. Get out and ride that bull! When we let fear or inhibitions guide us, then we may be disqualified from the opportunity. Less time preparing and more time living. Be ready for the moments of opportunity. Get out of the chute! !


2 thoughts on “Be Ready

  1. Taking that chance may not always have the desired result, but reflecting on the “What If” is certainly no better. Taking on a new job after 15 years at a previous company and making a move from my local community of 30 years was the biggest chance I have ever had to take in my life!

    And how are things? Well, not everything turned out the way I expected. There were a few bumps in the road along the way, and still some additional issues to work through. That said, I have made the most of a great opportunity and have no regrets.

    Thanks Sandi, for reminding us to be brave! I always take with me the thought that God will never give us more than we can handle. So even if something goes wrong, it should only serve to help you learn and make you stronger. So don’t let that opportunity get away from you, take the chance!

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