Tough Stuff

good game *slap*photo © 2007 Kim Mc. | more info (via: Wylio)
There are certain bull riders on the PBR who slap themselves right before they ride the bull.  I am especially thinking about Ryan McConnell. When he is sitting in the chute on the bull, he slaps himself hard.  Very hard.  Someone joked that these riders are trying to make sure that they are alert.  Obviously, this is his ritual or something, but he must think that he needs to do that.
Usually, if I want to slap myself, it would be after I have done something, not before.  Maybe that is the problem.  So many of us spend time beating ourselves up for what we have done wrong or could have done better.  Instead of beating ourselves up for poor performance, maybe we should be getting ourselves geared up for doing well.  Ryan McConnell and other bull riders need to establish a high level of energy in order to ride their bulls.  What do you need energy for in your daily life?  Let’s find ways to get ourselves motivated for the things we do in our lives.  Maybe the lesson from Ryan is that we need more motivation and less self-criticism.

We are all created in the image of God, and we all have great possibilities.  Let us prepare ourselves for greatness.  Let us open ourselves to God’s presence each morning, asking God to bless our day.  Let us pray with others before the bigger moments of our lives.  Let’s do what we can to prepare for greatness.  Let me know if you try slapping yourself.  Me, I’m starting my day with a walk on my treadmill and being outdoors.


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