No Guarantee can be a Good Thing

Bucking Bullphoto © 2008 Jean | more info (via: Wylio)
On, bull riding enthusiasts have the opportunity to participate in selecting fantasy picks for the next bull riding events. The highest single event and cumulative scores receive prizes. It costs the participant nothing, but it is an opportunity to become more involved with the sport. Because I enjoy the sport, I have started picking my fantasy teams. The teams are comprised of 5 bull riders and 3 bulls. My bull picks are doing well, but I do not do as well picking riders. The bulls have a lot better consistency in their scoring. The bull riders are often unpredictable in their scores. A rider may be having a particularly bad event and score nothing, but the bulls never get a zero.

Even picking the most probable and best performing bull riders offers no guarantee of a score. Selecting fantasy bull riders is an example of how things often work out in life. Even if someone seems to have everything going for him, there is no guarantee that the person is going to have the results that were expected or anticipated. Often things happen in life that are unpredictable and unexpected. We want to live up to our potential, but sometimes it appears that we are not performing at the anticipated level. This is a time when many of us can become discouraged. We wonder where we went wrong. We second guess our life choices. We have regrets.

None of us can change what has happened. Our journey is forward. Just as some bull riders seem completely surprised by underscoring or lack of scoring, we may be surprised as well. There may be no obvious reason. Life may just have thrown us for unanticipated loops. We cannot let those things get us down. If there is something we can do to perform better, then we should do it. If not, then we just need to keep moving forward. The bull riders know that there will be another weekend, another competition, another chance to score some points. There is another opportunity for us as well. There is an opportunity to use the gifts that God has given us. There is always another chance to be the people we have been created to be. Let’s not focus on the failed attempts but look forward to more opportunities.


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