bull ridingphoto © 2005 Emmett Tullos | more info (via: Wylio)
We want you back! They want me! Okay, so it was probably an automated message, based on my lack of participation in the PBR fantasy league, but it still felt like something. We all want to be wanted. We enjoy the feeling of knowing that we are special, at least to someone. God always wants us. God is always saying that we are wanted, unique and very special. At the beginning, when God created humanity. God loves you and truly wants a relationship with you. For many of us though, it is easy to ignore God. In fact, it may be easier than ignoring emails. While God does pursue us, most of us are pretty good at tuning out anything to do with our spiritual lives. Find a way to tune into God’s presence in the world around you. Spend some time in holy places. Spend some time without the distractions of this world in order to hear God’s love song to you. Open yourself to the still small voice. I have my PBR fantasy selections made for this week, and I am anticipating God’s word for me today.

Note: This is the beginning of the second “season” of fantasy picks, so everyone is beginning at zero. I finished season 1 fairly low in the rankings, but I did not have scores for most of the events. My goal is to finish above 1000 this time, so I would appreciate your advice. The first place person in the fantasy picks wins tickets to the world championship, and it costs nothing to participate in the fantasy lineup.
The website is PBR.com.


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