A shaggy dog story!photo © 2007 John Haslam | more info (via: Wylio)
This morning my family and I are waking up in a new place. We are visiting family. While we are all excited to be here, this morning our dog is the most excited. Her ordinary morning walk was much more exciting in a new neighborhood. It is a suburban neighborhood with all sorts of other dog smells, people, unusual things, and vehicles to observe and sniff. The walk took a long time as she explored various yards, mailboxes, and fire hydrants. Spring is bursting forth which means that there are all sorts of physical changes around us. New life is bursting forth in nature. There may be new life in the people around us as well. Sometimes we get so used to our surroundings that we fail to notice the changes around us. We become oblivious to the possibilities that are around us. We don’t see the needs of our neighbors, the changes occurring in our family, or the opportunities to celebrate with our friends. Let us try to be more aware of the possibilities around us. Let us look for the changes in our family, neighbors, and friends. In recognizing the changes anthem, we may find that we have changed as well.


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