Plan B

getting thrown off a bullphoto © 2008 Ed Schipul | more info (via: Wylio)
There is a current conversation in the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) about the skill of the current bull riders. It seems that there are a lot of bull riders who are anticipating the bull’s next move rather than reacting to the bull. Either the rider has heard about a bull or for some reason believes that a bull will do A. So the rider is prepared for A. The bull, however, decides to do B. The rider is unprepared, does not react quickly enough, and is off the bull and in the dirt. Ride over.

This happens in a lot of our lives. We think that things are going to go in a certain way, plan A. So we base our decisions on Plan A. We put all of
our efforts into Plan A. We are ready for plan A. Then things change. Plan A does not happen. Many of us will then try to force Plan A. We put
even more energy into making plan A happen. But just like the bull rider, if we are not reacting to the present reality, we may find ourselves knocked
down in the dirt.

Instead, we have to be able to change course and to deal with Plan B. We have to accept that the Plan A we were prepared for is not going to happen. We have to deal with Plan B. Plan B is not our ideal, but it is our reality. A wise woman told me that one of the secrets of life is how you deal with Plan B. We need to be more adaptable. Yes, we all want Plan A, and we are more prepared for it than anything else. However, lots of things can go wrong with Plan A. Situations change. Inspirations strike. Bulls get smart. Let’s be able to adapt to Plan B.


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