What are you Wearing?

Polka Dots & Lacephoto © 2008 Dyanna | more info (via: Wylio)
I recently attended a birthday luncheon.  The birthday celebrant does not reveal her age specifically, but she does say that she is in her late 80s.  The birthday luncheon was for all women, and most were over 50.  The party organizer brought games to the restaurant.  One game was to pass a plastic egg with undetermined contents to a person who could positively answer a question.  For example, at one point, the egg was to be passed to someone wearing a blue shirt.  Another was to be passed to someone wearing a scarf.  Then, it was to be passed to the one wearing pretty underwear. Oh my!   I really had the impression that at a certain age, underwear was more about function that aesthetic value.  Well, there was a lot of laughter, and some individuals had to check things out.  Oh my! (Notice that this was a women’s only luncheon.  I’m not sure what the male equivalent of pretty underwear is.  Perhaps men do not care.  Maybe they do, and no one has allowed you to have an opinion about the appearance of your underwear.)
This game reminded me of my college roommate in my freshman year.  She had a lot of interesting ideas about life.  One of her theories was that you can never have a bad day wearing good underwear.  What we wear underneath does have practical purposes, but it is usually something that we wear for ourselves.  It is an outward sign of how we treat ourselves.   We should be good and kind to ourselves.  So often, we forget to treat ourselves, thinking in terms of practicality and functionality rather than what is pretty and pleasing to us.  When we neglect appreciating the little things, then we are likely to take ourselves for granted.  When we take ourselves for granted, then others can as well.  The aesthetics matter, even if we are the only one to know about them.
Be good to yourself.  Wear pretty underwear.  You are created in the image of God.  You are a beloved child of God. Pretty underwear may not guarantee a good day, but it cannot hurt.  Be good to yourself.


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