Irrational Love

Love Alwaysphoto © 2008 Justin Rumao | more info (via: Wylio)
Have you ever noticed that when someone receives a loving gift, the response is often, “You shouldn’t have!” There is a complaint that the gift is too much. It is too expensive. It is too wonderful. It requires too much of the giver’s time or energy. Gifts that show love can be funny, expensive, living, small, large, tangible, unique, or anything else we want them to be. They do not need to make sense. They do not need to be practical. In fact, gifts that express our love should be irrational, impractical, and given often.

Last week my daughter picked flowers for our dog. Sure, most would consider her flowers to be weeds rather than something special, but she was giving them out of love. The dog is a loveable but not bright dog. I doubt the dog realized that giving someone flowers is a loving thing to do. After all, the dog feels that all of outdoors is her bathroom. Yet, I have a feeling that she understood she was being given love. The dog responded with frantic tail-wagging and slobbery kisses. The dog did not ask how much the flowers cost, lament that the picked flowers would soon die, or suggest that another gift may have been more suitable. She simply received the love that was offered.

Maybe we should learn a lesson from the dog who received flowers. Next time someone gives a gift of love – an irrational, impractical, outward expression of personal affection, experience the love and return love. Enjoy the moment. Respond with love and enthusiasm. Realize that love is not rational.


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