Life Lesson

Messphoto © 2004 Judson Dunn | more info (via: Wylio)
I believe that every person has at least one lesson to teach us. This week, our congregation is grieving and saying “goodbye” to two of our members. These two very different people have shared their life lessons with us, and for this, we are grateful.

Their deaths have got me to thinking about what lesson I am teaching with my life. Am I sharing the life lessons that I want to share? Is my life really about the things that are important to me, or do my days become overcome with the minutiae that invades all of our living? I imagine you are very busy with lots of activities and demands on your time. There are so many different things to do, handle, and manage. These things are slowly defining what matters to you. Think about it for a minute. If you spend every evening cleaning your house, doing laundry, and taking care of chores, then that is what your life is all about. If you never have time to enjoy a game of Candy Land, attend an exercise class, visit with friends, listen to good music, then you are just the one who does chores. Yes, the chores need to be done, but should they be all that is ever done? Do you want those mundane tasks to be how you are defined?

How about you? What is the lesson of your life? Do you know what you would like for the lesson of your life to be? If so, then would others be able to see and know that lesson from your living? The two people in the congregation had lessons for me that I will treasure. Their lives showed both lessons of what to do as well as what not to do. Your life has lessons, and you can decide what the lessons will be.


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