Love is Complicated?

The long walk homephoto © 2008 Chris S | more info (via: Wylio)
“I love her, but I can’t have her.” Have you ever experienced this? Recently someone shared this statement with me. My first thought was, “Why not?” But this was not a situation that I could ask questions, and it was not really any of my business. The second and more lasting response was empathy. We all know to some extent the feeling of unrequited love or rejection.

Most of us have had a time in our lives when we felt that the one we loved was inaccessible or did not want us. Whether it was just our interpretation of the situation or the reality of the situation, we know how gut wrenching it can be to not be able to pursue a love relationship. We also know what it is to be on the other side of the relationship. We’ve had to reject someone. Maybe you had to reject someone because the relationship would have been unhealthy for you or others. Maybe your lives were out of sync, and you both had to continue on your journeys. Maybe you did not feel the same way. Whatever the reason for refusing love, we know how difficult that can be as well. We did not want to hurt the person, but we had to deal with the reality of our lives. It was uncomfortable and sometimes painful.

All of this led me to think about God’s love for us. God loves us more than we can ever begin to understand. God’s love for us has no limits. Yet, on a regular basis, God’s love is rejected. We do not allow ourselves to be available to God. Our lives are too busy. Things are too complicated. We want to stay on the life path we are traveling. A relationship with God just does not fit into our other relationships and our plans. Yet God is still there, pursuing us, loving us, and seeking to be in a relationship with us. God wants a full and complete relationship with us, not just a sometimes-when-we-are-not-too-busy relationship. God wants to love us passionately, deeply, and completely. God loves you, and God wants to be in relationship with you.

Are you willing to love God back? Are you actually loving God? It may mean that you have to change some things. (Most love relationships change us.) Loving God does not mean allowing God to be in some parts of our lives. It means that God is pervasively a part of all that we are and all that we do. God will never give up loving you and seeking to love you completely. Will you allow God’s love into all of your life?


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