Go Grow!

You can almost see the grass growphoto © 2007 Louise Docker | more info (via: Wylio)
It is spring here, and we were somehow surprised by it. Yes, it seemed to take a while for the warmer weather to appear, but we knew that it would. All sorts of life are springing forth. I captured a blue-tailed skink behind the love seat in our family room and invited him outside. I’ve watched the tulips move from tiny tips of green peeking through the mulch to full-blooming purple. I have also watched the grass grow ever taller in our backyard. The lawn mower is broken.

This is not a rant about who should be getting the lawn mower repaired or when they should do it. I have noticed that no one in our household bothered to check to see if the lawn mower was in working order. We did not check its function all winter or even in March. When the tulip leaves started pushing through the mulch we went along blissfully unaware of the lawn mower. We just did not think about it. We did not look ahead. We did not prepare. We now have very tall grass.

Thinking ahead would have helped our grass situation. Thinking ahead helps us in most of life. We tend to go along handling the day-to-day activities without a thought about what might be coming. Then, even the expected things catch us by surprise. We are not ready. We are not prepared. We have not checked our equipment. A key to successful living is looking ahead. No, we cannot be prepared for every foreseeable possibility, but we do know to expect some things. We know that there are seasons of growth and new life as well as seasons of dormancy. In the seasons of dormancy, we need to be getting ready for the growth seasons. We need to make sure that we are ready when the growth happens. We need to check and see if our lawn mowers or anything else is ready for our growing seasons. The preparation gives us a chance to enjoy the growth all the more. Go Grow!


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