Do Something

Action Cycle 5photo © 2009 Sam Sherratt | more info (via: Wylio)
Sometimes we make things more complicated that they need to be. In order to avoid a task or a decision we create a tangled web of processes rather than to just deal with whatever it is we need to face.

For example, if the house needs to be cleaned, we sit down and make not only a list but a detailed list of when we will do what so that the house is maintained. We have a great schedule with assigned chores to all members of the family. Yet, nothing has been done. We have decided that we will clean the kitchen floor on Thursdays, made a great chart (in color no less) , we have purchased a new notebook to keep our checklist in, and we have purchased a new mom and bucket. What we really needed to do was sweep up the Fruit Loops that were scattered when one of the family members made breakfast. We could have swept the floor much faster than all of our preparations took, but we were avoiding the task.

In churches and groups we avoid things, but we do it in a different way. We see a need, such as welcoming guests. We talk about the need. We remember how the need used to be met. We talk about possible ways to meet the need. We talk it until we are all talked out. We may even talk about forming a committee. But we don’t do anything. We just keep talking about the fact that someone needs to do something.

Sometimes we need to stop talking and planning. Sometimes we just need to do what needs to be done. Avoiding with plans and conversations inhibits our progress in many aspects of our lives. Instead of more talk and more planning, do something today. Make your life better by taking one step to clean up one of the messes in your life. Make the world better by taking one step for the kingdom of God. If we take just one step, then we are moving in the right direction.


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