Who Matters

The Best Friends Are Old Friendsphoto © 2007 Bev Sykes | more info (via: Wylio)
I saw dear friends this past week, classmates. As we were parting, I said to one, “We really should keep in touch. I have missed you.” It was a true statement and a desire to stay connected to these classmates. Yet, even as I uttered the words, I realized that the chances are slim that we will stay connected. I wish it were different, but I know that far too often we allow the day-to-day activities to take over. We are bombarded so many things everyday, that we miss those people and things that are not demanding our attention and in our immediate vicinity.

What do we do? Just accept that people are going to pass in and out of our lives based on their proximity? NO! We are lonely as individuals and as a society. We need to nurture relationships. We need to nurture relationships that allow us to feel loved, accepted, and connected. The relationships are one of the key components of our lives. They are what allow us to express are full selves as well as carry us through the difficult times of life. They are where we are confronted with the reality of who we are as well as feel the love of others. We know that Jesus strongly encouraged us to build and foster relationships.

In order to maintain these connections, I am using my love of lists. I’m putting names on my calendar so that each week I will maintain these important relationships. I am also meeting a friend for a few days of quality time together. Yes, both of these plans take planning and effort, but are the relationships worth it? Who do you need or want to connect with or re-connect with in your life? Who is it that you think, “I wish we were stayed in touch?” Take the time to make the first move to keep the connection, because these are people who are important to you. These are people who matter to you. These are people who make your life better. Life is too short not to concentrate on adding quality to your life.


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