Honoring Others

Medal of Honor - SSG Salvatore Giunta - United States Armyphoto © 2009 U.S. Army | more info (via: Wylio)
Honor is often something we talk around, but I am not sure how much we talk about it. My daughter gave me an interesting lesson in honor recently. She refers to her dad as “Mr. Perfect”. When she does this I usually roll my eyes in a very large display. It is not that I don’t love her dad, who is my husband. I just know him, and he is not perfect. I also know that he, like all other people, will show his imperfections at some point. My daughter asked why I reacted to her name for him. With patience and just a hint of exasperation she explained that she is aware that no one is perfect, but she calls him “Mr. Perfect” because that is how she honors him. She was quick to point out that the bible said she is supposed to honor her parents.

Ouch! She was correct, which got me to thinking about how we honor the people in our lives. I wonder how we honor or value those in our lives. Do we build others up, or do we dishonor them by being critical or judgmental of them? Do we see the possibility, or do we see no hope?

We are called to honor others. We are called to value others, not just our parents. Many of us vowed to honor our spouse when we married him or her. Children are to honor their parents, and we are all to honor the image of God that is each person. So let us honor others more fully. Let us value the people in our life. Instead of finding fault, let’s honor one another and life one another up. By honoring others, we honor God.


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