Called to Lead

For every first © 2006 Ryan | more info (via: Wylio)

It is not enough to look like a good leader. A lot of the presentation of leadership can be learned. A leader needs to be called to leadership. For me this means that God call you, touches you in some way, gets a message to you that God has a job for you to do. God wants you to change something. God wants you to help a group or an organization of people forward.

This does not meant that you necessarily want to lead. In fact, you may think it would be nice to be among the crowd rather than leading the charge. But you can sense that being a part of the crowd is not enough. You can sense that you need to do something.

God calling you to lead is a blessing. God will provide resources. Your leadership may be very visible, like a church pastor. Your leadership may be more subtle and less visible. Don’t worry about the look of leadership. Ask yourself if God is calling you to lead.


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