Live Fully

The PBR, Professional Bull Riders, have a section of their broadcast where a bull rider is profiled. During Mother’s Day Weekend, Shane Proctor was the athlete profile. He was asked about his family’s reaction to his bull riding, especially his mother’s reaction. He shared his family’s idea of living a full life rather that being held back by fear.

the lost boysphoto © 2010 Ed Schipul | more info (via: Wylio)
I imagine that his family, including his mother, wants him to live a full life instead of being inhibited by the “what ifs” that threaten our undoing. Most parents strongly encourage their children to progress as they grow and mature. We tell our children, “Come to mommy” and “You can do it.” We cheer for the first tentative steps, explorations of new toys. We may even require trying new foods on a regular basis. We cheer and celebrate and encourage.

What happens that we stop doing this? Why do some parents draw lines that say that this is as far as you should or can go? Why do we do this for ourselves as well? Sure we often find a place where we are content in life, but this is not the same thing. Some of us just stop because someone, maybe ourselves, has said that this is all we can expect out of our lives. There is nothing more available to us. We can only go so far in our education, happiness, careers, spiritual development, or anything else. While there are some natural limiting factors, most of the time it is our fear that holds us back. We have stopped being encouraged or encouraging others. We don’t believe that we can go any farther.

Nothing is impossible with God. You can go farther than that boundary you have imposed on yourself. You can encourage you child as well as others to go farther, do more, and experience more of life. We are urged to encourage one another, to live without fear, and trust God to with us. Go for the full life that God wants you to have. Don’t be willing to settle. You may find yourself farther along that you ever imagined possible.


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