Can’t Go Back

Going forwardphoto © 2008 Slava Vishnyakov | more info (via: Wylio)
One professional bull rider, J.B. Mauney, commented after winning in Duluth, Georgia that he felt like his old self had returned.  He probably did feel that his riding had returned to where it had been in the past, but none of us can go back.  We are always either heading forward in our journey or standing still. Yes, a part of our lives may feel like it is getting back on track, but we are not actually going back.  We are moving forward in our lives with the wisdom that comes from experience.

Imagine going back to another point in your life, maybe high school.  Consider the things that you felt were so important.  Consider some of the decisions you made.  Would you make the same decisions?  Looking back, I can see a lot of things I would have changed.  I would have treated people differently.  I would not have invested so much time and energy in the things that did not really matter.  None of us can go back to another time in our life.  We are going forward.

We go forward learning from the experiences we have already had.  We go forward perhaps worrying less about the little things.  Perhaps we go forward appreciating more fully when things are going our way.  None of us can go back, but we can choose how we go forward.  Let us celebrate when things seem to be working for us because we know the disappointment of when they are not.  Let’s choose to focus on the things that really matter rather than investing ourselves in things that are insignificant.  Congratulations to J.B. Manuey for the win and congratulations to all of us for coming this far along on our journey.  Let us all continue to move forward.


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