hidingphoto © 2010 Lance Neilson | more info (via: Wylio)Shhh. . . I am hiding.  I am hiding from information, from updates, from everything out there.  Sometimes I just need to hide.  Maybe you have felt the same way.  There is just so much information coming towards me.  It is a constant stream of updates from a large variety of sources.  Emails, Facebook status updates, text messages, tweets, podcasts, radio stations, and of course the television.  There is just all sorts of people who want to tell me something, sell me something, teach me something, or show me something.  Sometimes I just need to take a time out.  So, I hide.

I leave the television off.  I do not check my email.  I do not listen to the radio.  I do not connect to the internet.  When I first started this practice of hiding, it was a challenge.  There are very few places where I can hide.  I would begin hiding, but then my curiosity would get the better of me.  I would tell myself that I was just making sure that there were no urgent emails or text messages.  I needed to keep my phone turned on in case my family needed to reach me.  I found that I was always available for everyone at all times.  I was available for everyone but myself and God.

I started looking for places that I could be available to myself and God.  Where my own thoughts, prayers, and insights would be the only ones.  I would make myself where God could speak to me.  These times provided peace in my often chaotic world.  These time provided a chance for me to be in tune with my own thoughts and feelings.  These times allowed me to be more creative because I had time and quiet where I could let the ideas bubble forth instead of constantly trying to process the information coming my way.  I was also more available to experience the presence of God.  Without the need to constantly process the information from the world, I was able to know God’s presence more fully and experience a greater communion with God.

I invite you to consider where and how you will disconnect from the information that bombards our lives.  Take time to remove yourself from all of the things that are demanding your time and attention.  Come hide with me.


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