Cut from the Series

Cavan  football (soccer) teams (LOC)photo © 1910 The Library of Congress | more info (via: Wylio)

A part of life in sports is knowing that there are only a certain number of positions on most teams.  There can only be so many players on a major league baseball team.  There are only so many on basketball court at one time.  There are only so many bull riders in the major leagues (PBR) of bull riding.  In the  PBR cuts are made several times in a season.  Only the top scoring players are allowed to remain on the BFTS, Built Ford Tough series, while the rest of the riders are in the Touring Pro Division.  I do not know how the riders, Brendon Clark and Brian Canter felt, but I imagine it was a difficult experience.  No one wants cut from a riding series or anything else in life.

Most of us probably can empathize on some level.  Most of us have had to experience rejection in some way in life.  Maybe it was in sports. Maybe you know what it is to be picked dead last for a team.  Maybe you know what it is to go by the locker room and see the team roster, only to find that your name is not on the list.  Maybe it was more personal.  Maybe you were rejected by a friend who had moved on to different interest. Maybe the person you asked to the prom or homecoming said no.  Maybe you were not asked to the dance.  Maybe it was something more.  Maybe you were fired or down-sized from a job.  Maybe your spouse decided to end your relationship.  We probably all know the sting of rejection.

In the experience of being cut from the Built Ford Tough series or anything else, I hope that we can all know that we are not alone.  I hope there was someone to offer comfort, to believe in you, and to encourage you. I hope you did not try to bear the pain alone.  I believe that we who follow Jesus are called to be there for one another, especially in the hard times.  We are designed to care for other people and show them the love of God.  If you are dealing with a painful rejection, I am here for you.  If you have experienced a rejection, learn from that experience to offer support and encouragement to others around you.  There are lots of rejections out there, from ending relationships to not being selected for the job to being cut from the series.  We are called to be Christ to the world. The bull riders have a chance to perform better and be invited back to the BFTS events.  They can have a new start.  So can we.


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