4 Generations - Dringphoto © 2004 Donna Rutherford | more info (via: Wylio) Recently I was at an event sitting between my parents and my daughter.  I was also reading a biography that talked about the great foundation an individual’s family had given him.   This made me wonder about our legacy.  What are we living to future generations?  What wisdom, learning, beliefs, values, and attitudeswill those who come after us learn from us?

We often find ourselves so busy doing the things that need to be done, that we fail to consider what all of our doing is teaching those who will follow after us.  In my high school, senior wrote a “Last Will and Testament“, which was a list of the things that they would live as their legacy to the lower classes.  The things left behind represented cherished memories and lessons of life that had been shared or learned along the way.  Their legacy to those who followed them.

I have learned and am still learning lessons from my parents, but is not enough for us to just learn the lessons.  We have to be the ones teaching lessons as well.  Often this teaching comes by example.  Our legacy is often determined by the example we set.  Consider the example you are setting, the lessons you are teaching, the wisdom you are sharing to determine what your legacy is about.  Consider how you are giving your legacy to those who will come after you.  Is your legacy only for family, or is it for the larger community.

It is your legacy, and you are the one who decides what it is and to whom it is imparted.


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