Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day 2009photo © 2009 Carl Wycoff | more info (via: Wylio) We are now celebrating Memorial Day this weekend in the United States, the unofficial beginning of summer, and some great sales. Memorial Day began as a commemoration of Civil War soldiers. It has obviously grown and transformed. It grew to commemorate soldiers of other wars and family members who had died. Now, many of us will watch a race, go shopping, or we may enjoy a cookout. We will probably see a news clip of a politician memorializing soldiers. We may even attend a patriotic concert.

All of these events are often annual. As I considered the annual events and the memorializing, I started wondering about how this connects with our faith. How do we remember our faith journey or the journey of our faith community. It seems we do very little to remember our personal story. Yes, many of us bring to mind the larger story of faith through Holy Communion. In the Great Thanksgiving we recall God‘s redemptive work throughout human history. In many worship services, we recall the early church and the story of God’s people prior to Jesus intervention in human history.

What about our local church’s story? What about our personal story? How are we remembering our relationship with God, our transformation by God’s grace, and the people who have gone before us to create the community of today? Many churches used to have a time of personal sharing that was known as a testimony. People would stand and testify to the work of God in their lives. We do less testifying these days. We keep our faith private. We don’t share our personal stories of faith. Maybe we should. Maybe this Memorial Day weekend is a call to us to recall not only soldiers who fought for our national freedom, but we should remember that true freedom is from God. The freedom from death is only from God. Jesus allows us to be free to experience eternal life. We should consider how we celebrate that freedom.

As you celebrate, shop, or enjoy the weekend, take a moment to share God’s redemptive work in your life. Take time to share with another person what God has done in your life as well as what you anticipate in the future.


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