Eye Rollphoto © 2010 Jaysin | more info (via: Wylio)
“Whatever” is a word that has come to mean more than its definition. With a roll of the eyes and a sigh of exasperation, it has come to be a judgment on what is being said by another person. It means that the person saying “whatever” has no interest in the speakers words, opinions, and thoughts. The one word “whatever” even goes to far as to imply a lack of concern about the other person.

I have heard this one word used to try to dismiss others, to pass judgment on others, to express disdain, and as a retort to a confrontation. Quite frankly, the word, “whatever”, is starting to annoy me. While it has not quite reached the level of fingernails on a chalkboard, it does cause a tension in my neck. I wonder about the reasons for being dismissive, the judgmental nature of our society, the lack of respect for another person, and if the word does anything but incite others.

What if we use the word in a different way? What if we use this “whatever” as a prayer instead of a dismissal? Could our prayer be to ask God to do whatever is best for us, use us in whatever ways God needs us, to allow God to transform us in whatever ways that please God? Could our prayer continue to praise God in whatever way possible, trusting God with whatever may come our way, seeking God’s peace in whatever situation we find ourselves?

God offers to all of us the possibility of transformation. Perhaps we need to begin by transforming the slang of our society to be more about prayer and less about criticizing or dismissing others. Do whatever God calls you to do.


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