wallet insidephoto © 2008 Meagan | more info (via: Wylio)

As I slipped my “standing orders” card into my wallet for the first time, I started thinking about how the various things in our wallet identify who we are, what is important to us, and our personal preferences.  The “standing orders” card means that I now bypass general registration for lab work.  I will just go straight back to the lab for a lab procedure that needs to be done every couple of months.  Nestled in my wallet, the card joins my insurance card, credit cards, debit card, driver’s license, and business cards.  There is also money, membership cards, and coupons.  It is probably a normal wallet with no real surprises, but it does tell you who I am.  It tells you my contact information, my occupation, and the memberships I hold.  It tells you that I like Starbucks coffee, have purchased and returned items at a local department store, and hope the fortune from my fortune cookie will come to fruition.

Our wallet not only identifies us, but it also defines us.  Consider what is in your wallet.  How are you defined by what you find there?  Is this how you want to be defined, or would you rather be considered differently?  Perhaps this is where we can begin to make changes in our lives.  As we feel called or compelled to seek the vision God has created for our lives, we must stop and ask ourselves how the lives we are living match the vision before us.  For example, we may have a vision of a peaceful family life where the family enjoys regular dinners together.   However, if we are never home for dinner, then our vision has no chance of becoming a reality.  If our vision is to be free of debt, then our wallet filled with lots and lots of credit cards does not align with that vision.  If our vision is to be better organized, but we shove money and credit cards indiscriminately into our wallets, then our wallets our not in tune with our vision.  Maybe that wallet we carry most places with us is the beginning to changing for where we are to where God is calling us to be.  The new “standing orders” card is a part of my vision to honor God more fully by caring for my health.  What’s in your wallet?

photo © 2008 Meagan | more info (via: Wylio)


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