Happy New Year!

New Years Masksphoto © 2006 Chris Metcalf | more info (via: Wylio)
I know that this is not the beginning of a new year, but it is an unofficial beginning of a new season.  My daughter has finished the school year, I have finished a four year project, and we are all changing to adapt to this season.  Our family and personal schedules are much more fluid because the school schedule is not grounding us to a strict time schedule.  There is a lot of travel for all of us including summer camp, vacations, and visits to grandparents.  Because of this traveling and lax scheduling, my office schedule changes.

This is a chance to change.  This is a chance to reevaluate what I have been doing, what needs to be doing, and what I need to just let go.  In our family, we set personal goals for the summer.  Some that we share with each other and some that are more private.  We decide where we want to be when this season ends so that we will be better prepared for the school year and other seasons.

What about you?  Are there things that need to be changed, added, or let go in your life?  I want to clean out the linen closet.  What needs cleaning out in your life?  I also want to work on some relationships that have been neglected.  Are there relationships that need your attention?

We all have possibilities for growth and transformation in our lives.  Season and   schedule things open a way to find change and transformation.  Take his opportunity to be transformed.


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