Broncos Figurinesphoto © 2008 Shawn Campbell | more info (via: Wylio) I am not a huge sports fan, except for bull riding.  When I watch the Super Bowl, it is more for the commercials than for the actual game.  Yet many NFL players gain national attention for their life choices.  It makes the headlines when this one is arrested, that one is battling addiction, and the other one is in prison.  With all of these stories, it is a refreshing change to see a football player whose life is about more than football.

Tim Tebow‘s memoir, Through My Eyes, was the subject of an article in USA Today on May 31, 2011.  His life has been rooted in prayer and service to God.  While he is not one of the top players in the NFL, he is one people notice.  He is one who lives his life differently, seeking to be rooted and grounded in Christ.  He has decided that he wants his life to be a testimony to God.  Even with a Heisman trophy, he realizes that his life is about something more.

What is your life about?  Does your life have meaning?  We can allow ourselves to let others define us by our skills or abilities, especially if we have obvious athletic skills.  We can allow ourselves to be pulled into what everyone is doing, or we can choose to go our own way.  We are the only ones who can choose to be the unique creations God has created us to be.  If we do not choose, then others will choose for us.  Others may choose for us to only be whatever skills we possess, which is limiting our whole selves.  Others may choose for us to be just like everyone else, which denies our uniqueness.  Others may choose for us to be less than them, which denies our equality with others.

Make the choice for yourself about your life.  It is our choice what our memoirs will say.  What is the story of your life?


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