Rodeo Clownphoto © 2009 Monica Ray | more info (via: Wylio)This past weekend I was at the Oakland Heights Farm, and it was wonderful. I was watching the BULLRIDING event. It seemed that time just sped by. The whole experience was great until there was a choice to be made. A storm came up. There was lightening, then thunder, and then it started raining. We had not watched the short-go, which is the finalist round. We had a choice to make. We had to decide whether to stay outside in the storm or to head on home. We had not brought jackets or umbrellas. We were going to get soaked if we stayed. The lightening was also a concern. Many left before we did. Some stayed and put up their umbrellas. Was it worth it to stay? Was it worth it to stay to see the final round, knowing that our anxiety would increase as the storm came closer? Was it worth it?

We all face choices everyday. We must decide if it is worth it for us. Is the cost of the decision worth it? The cost may be monetary, such as is that pair of shoes worth the price? The cost may be emotional, such as is it worth the anxiety of being in a storm to see the short-go of a bull riding event? Will the extra time at the office that helps us land the promotion be worth the emotional cost to your family who feel neglected? What will your drive to succeed cost those you love?

We all have choices about he lives we lead. The bull riders chose to compete. Some supporters chose to stay. Some supporters chose to leave. What choices are you making today? What is the cost of your choices? What is the cost of your choices to others?Is the choice you are making worth the cost?


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