Earl Hammer, creator of the Waltons, boyhood home

Recently there was a television marathon of The Waltons. I vaguely remember watching some of the shows when I was younger, but I have a growing appreciation of the show now. It may be that living near the actual Walton’s Mountain has helped my appreciation, but I think it is more about the life lessons and values that are taught by the series. Each show seemed to tell about the struggles of life as well as the way to deal with the many struggles.
One of the episodes on during the marathon dealt with John Boy’s desire to be a writer. He had a flash back to a conversation with his grandmother. “Grandma” told him about her family, who were all story-tellers. She went on to say that she had kept the family stories with her in her heart. She would share the stories with him. That would be his inheritance.

As a writer he was given the stories of his family. We all have something we are able to pass on to future generations. We have something from our life that will bless those who come after us. What is your legacy? Share who you are and what you have. Give others the benefit of your life experience.


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