It Is Not Our Fault

Lightning @ DFW Airportphoto © 2009 Caren Mack | more info (via: Wylio)Recently a rainstorm passed over Chicago.  I was sitting in one of the airports, waiting for a flight home.  All flights were being held because it was unsafe for ground crews to be outside in the lightning and hail.  The announcements were made when it came time to board that it was the weather and not the airline causing the delay.  With the large windows displaying the storm, it was fairly obvious that it was a weather issue. I suspect that other passengers had complained at some point.

How often do we want to announce to any and all that it is not our fault.  How often do we want to explain the circumstances that our beyond our control?  We know the desire to report that it is not our fault, whatever the situation.  Most of the time it does not matter whose fault it is.  It may not be anyone’s fault at all.  We get caught up in the blame game, needing to determine responsibility rather than deal with the situation. We want to hold someone accountable or explain why we are not the one to be accountable.  It usually does not matter, except of course with traffic accidents and the like.  It does not matter whose fault it is.  It matters how we handle the resulting situation.  Do we rant and rave about the unfairness of the situation, do we play the victim, or do we look for someone to blame?

Instead of finding someone to blame, let us deal with the situation that we face.  No matter whose fault it is, even if it is no one’s fault, we have to deal with whatever situation we find ourselves in.  Instead of playing the blame game, let us be more aware that there are situations that are beyond our control or others control, all of us make mistakes, and in most situations it does not matter who is to blame.


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