What are You Wearing?

Pasajephoto © 2006 Daniel Lobo | more info (via: Wylio)It used to be that air travel was an event. It was a celebration that required dressing up. We have grown consistently more casual in our dress for most of life, but I was recently at the Dulles International Airport. As I began walking in, I noticed a gentleman who was dressed up. I thought about how he was making an event. Well, it turns he works at the airport. I saw several other people dressed in a similar fashion. Each of these gentlemen made eye contact and wished me a good day. In a place where I remove my belt and shoes and put them back on with complete strangers, it was nice to have someone willing to make eye contact. In a place where individuals rarely seem to make interpersonal connections, it was comforting to have someone speak to me. The uniforms gave an air of importance to not only the event of flying, but it also made me feel less like a part of the huddled masses being herded through security. I felt valued. We all want to feel valued, significant, and respected.

Consider what you wear and what it says about you and your opinions of those around you. Do you always wear your absolute worst at home because it is only your family who sees you? Do you take the time to make eye contact with those in your household, or are you too busy with chores and activities to look at them? It is probably not very practical. To wear evening clothes to do household chores, but it won’t hurt to at least brush your hair before starting a household task.

Taking some care in our appearance shows that we value the people around us as well as ourselves. So, what are you wearing?


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