You are God’s Plan

alonephoto © 2006 Aryj Hussen | more info (via: Wylio)
God has a plan to bring justice to the world, and his plan is us.  There is no back-up plan.” Gary Hougen

We all wonder about our lives, at least from time-to-time.  We wonder if they matter.  We wonder if we make a difference.  We wonder if we are doing something with our lives.  Gary Hougen reminds us in the quote that we are a vital part of God’s plan.  In fact, God is depending on us to be the workers for God’s kingdom.  Us.  We are the plan.  We are the ones who are called to point to God, offer hope, peace, and love, and bring justice and mercy to the world.  Whew!  Do you feel up to it?

I confess that sometimes the challenge and responsibility of the call seems overwhelming.  I’m just me, as the song goes.  Who am I to change the world, offer mercy, oppose injustice, and be a part of God’s plan?

The truth is that on my own, I am just me.  However, when I am a vessel of the Holy Spirit, then all things are possible.  I don’t have to try to do things on my own.  God is relying on my and you to be open to the power available to us.  Alone we can do very little, but with God all things are possible.  Today, let us be a part of God’s plan, realizing that we, with the power of God, can do great things.


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