Just You

Missing Persons Right Now 04photo © 2009 chris m. | more info (via: Wylio)Being in a strange or different culture allows us to experience ourselves differently. We get to decide who we are apart from others pre-defined roles and expectations of us and for us. We get to just be us. Recently I went away for four days. I went on vacation without my family. I went away without my job. I went away with no agenda except to have fun with a friend who lives half way across the country. The culture was not that different from home, but in some ways I was worlds away from my normal life. No one knew my occupation, my role as a parent or spouse. No one knew what car I drive or if I cook. I was just me.

The truth is that my culture shift was not that far from home in geographical terms, but I was able to be different. I tried new foods, did new things I would not do at home. I got to experience being relieved of all of the baggage that comes from being my usual self.

How do you disengage from your usual self, your usual responsibilities, your usual baggage? Maybe you don’t even feel that it is necessary to disengage. Maybe you are so tied to everything that you have trouble disengaging. Whatever your response is. I would like to hear from you.


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