How does your garden grow?

Garden Colorsphoto © 2006 Mike Spasoff | more info (via: Wylio)

Gardens teach us a lot about life. This past weekend, my mom was looking at a flower bed in our backyard. She said that it was filling in so much that soon we would not even need to weed it. Our lives are often the same way. They get full fast. Sometimes the things that fill our lives are our choices. Other times the things that fill our lives are wonderful surprises.

We can choose to fill our lives with life and beauty, or we can just let whatever comes into our lives live there. When we allow anything to come into our lives, there is usually a lot of weeds. Some of the naturally occurring items can be beautiful, but the beauty is often choked out by the other weeds. The briars and thorny thongs take deep route in the soil. Left for too long the weeds can become a snarled mess covering everything.

What is in your life? Do you have weeds that have just sprouted because there was nothing else or someone else decided to put them there? Are there things that have the ability to take over your whole life? What are you going to do to control or curb their growth? Are there briars or prickly things that hurt you or others who come into contact with your garden? What needs to be pulled put of your life so that other things may have room to grow?


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